Well long time no write

How are you all doing? Thought of you the other night when out at a concert. There was an Illinois band, and an Auburn band, so I supported both home teams. The Illinois band was called Park they were very good. I think we saw them once awhile back either on campus or at the Canopy Club. Also one guy made me think of you Ditty. He was shorter, but had wide leg baggy jeans and a wifebeater on with a backwards black hat, and a friend with an unhealthy obsession with cradle of filth. Just reminded me of volleyball in the quad. I have to get back to homework now. Words of advice, never work more than 40 hours a week while going to school, it will make you crazy. Other than that I need addresses for you all now that you are graduating and becoming real adults. Especially when you know where you will be in the late september/early october range so I can plan a route to see you all again. Friend in New City, do you still live in same attic? Wellsian friends, when is study break so that I can come visit and play video games with you?
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this is for anne and renee mostly

just because it was funny

You Are a Henna Gaijin!

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Play the sexy, mysterous gaijin, and you'll have plenty of Japanese meat.

randomness before going to bed

i did have something important to paste, but i don't feel like going into it right now, so enjoy these instead.

innocent kiss
innocent kiss - you're cute and sweet and like it
that way

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wow, i have some nice friends. Thansk renee for regifting the scary nuggets. teehee.

life at 21

is not any different than life at 20 so far. Infact it might even be worse. I had two finals today and had to be to school before 8am. One was Japanese, which i think went pretty well, but the other was bio. And i would have done ok if i could have gotten the text book cd to actually work, but it needed an internet connection, and apparently it didn't like the one i had on my laptop even though i was using the school lan. finaly had to drag my text book out of my trunk and use the website login that came inside of it. I watched a bunch of dumb cartoons and matching games about dna synthesis and alterations, but ofcourse non of that was on there, either was the meosis and mitosis that i brushed up on, it was mostly punnent squares, which luckily i am good at, and cell signaling, which i suck at because it has far too many technical terms and vocab and brightly colored blobular space crafts that mean nothing to me. So i maybe got a B if i am lucky. I also found out that the teacher lost yet another one of my labs, which is kind of ok, because i really didn't do the chi square right and now can redo it, though i don't think i care anymore because the teacher was an arrogant flake, and even without them i have a c in the course. The rest of the day was spent working in the library-or talking to people on aim, and freezing my butt off in the driveway of campus. I went to leave tonight and go vote for a plan to get my father a new school building, when i discovered that i could not get my key in my locks. I finally opened the trunk, but in the other two locks that mattered, the key wouldn't turn. Wells safety and security is just as worthless as millikin's, so ofcourse they didn't have lock de-icer, or even a lighter. I finally found a lighter, but it was too windy out to keep it lit long enough to make a difference, and after a minuter without mittens on i couldn't work my apposeable thumbs. so I called my dad to come fix, which normally would have been a ten minute wait and then i could go home--i passed the time by eating chocolate pie left from my birthday dinner. Dad finaly pulls in about 20 minutes later with blownout tire. He must have ran something over, because by the time he got to campus he was driving on the rim. so he parked it under a streetlight, which completely blocked traffic flow, and was only mildly level. This is not the ideal night for tire fixing besides being dark, it was cold snowy and really windy. with wind chill off of the lake it was probably around -1 degrees. i don't think i will ever have full use of my hands again, and my butt is still numb. It took over an hour to change the tire in that weather, becase it was 1-a truck, 2-had a weird jack, 3-it was cold, 4-the tire was frozen on and even a sledge hammer and a big kick from some campus meathead who workes in the cafeteria wouldn't dislodge it. Luckily there was help, some girl i have never met, but whom is named laurea, and her brother. Laura helped me de-ice my car and her brother crawled under the truck. finaly it was somehow dislodged and in under ten minutes we were on our way home. where my hands and feet have thawed, but not my derrier. i think i will go to bed now, so i can get up early and bs some bio labs.
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i hate this school

this has been a hard couple of weeks. First all the funeral stuff, so missed classes and didn't get much work done with the baby home and having to be places. Then it wa stech for the dance concert, and when i originally signed up for the class that i would be the only techie, so thus i didn't get to design new costumes, not enough laborers to make them, so i was down graded to alterations, shopping, and laundry. And because dancers don't really know anything about tech stuff and can't communicate what they want, i got to light design a couple of the pieces as well. I was there for hours equivalent to those that i worked at millikin, but then i had tech classes that didn't really have homework, not major chemistry exams and bio labs to work on. So i have been exaushted and cranky for the past few weeks. But it has gotten better, my new video game is lots of fun. Beyond good and Evil cracks me up and has pretty music and a pig with hyper boots. Playing video games even made me forget that all of my classes i wanted to take next semester were cancelled, and my advisor is a flaky moron. She says she is interested in homeopathy, but then she kept degrading all that i wanted to do and told me i would never get a job if i wasn't also a nurse or physian. She also told me tha ti needed to take logic, because even though i took it in high school, studies show that the human brain can't comprehend it until in its mid20's, we also can't gain intelligence until then, so i must ne an idiot, because i haven't hit the quarter century mark yet. it reminded me of something jana would say-- why do i always get the choice advisors. well have to go shelve books, and then i can go home and play more of my game because dance class was cancelled.

is it wrong that i can actually picture tony doing that?

The Scary Truth About Your Friends (eddie izzard style) by Mellifera
Wants a "cup of coffee"maplegoldie
Hides their makeup in a treeblupoet03
Vegetarian painterabiona
Was on the moon with Stevejealdi
Poked a badger with a spooninthered
Puts babies on spikesnyxdae
Can run about in heels and not fall overdeadclouds
Under house arrestcanericanchick
Carries a brick in their handbagmegnak
Never played Risk as a kid_liadan_
Ich bin ein Berlinnercanericanchick
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wow, i am far behind in LJ

Why did you all post so much while i have been in class? oh well, maybe it will be a slow library day and i can update more then. I have to go finish my japanese homework. This living at home thing is harder than i thought. I can't get anything done, because for one i have no where to do any of my work, and two everytime I start working on stuff my mom makes me do something else. Hopefully it will get better when arron and dad go back to so there won't be as many people around to make messes. If not, i might just spend lots more time in the library. What was i thinking taking two lab sciences, japanese, and three dance classes? especially in a school that prides group participation and engaging outside of the classroom learning? I miss all of you and hope that you enjoy your first days. Wish I could be there. I miss my Quad room and all that were a part of it so much. And I miss the rest of you lots too.